I am  a French native who has been living in London for almost 15 years.

I have been running ART-PIE , a modern and street art online magazine, and have recently been renting an art studio in Stoke Newington.


I have been working on mainly landscaping, a great passion of mine, using acrylics (mainly spray paint) where geometrical shapes, mainly cubes and circles are entangled.

 I am fascinated by drawing people’s eyes deep into my landscape by offering them a quiet and serene place where they can feel at ease.

 Contrast, movement and colours are notions that drive the landscapes and sceneries I produce.


The CUBE series I am working on at the moment is the attempt of using the white cube as a catalyst for wellbeing.

It is there to calm the atmosphere down as well as contrasting with the 'un-square' world out there.