Part of the “CUBE” series.

Spray paint on canvas.

Prints available | (White) Framed or unframed | Hahnemühle Paper 310gsm | 40x50cm

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  1. May 11, 2017 by David

    It’s exciting to see new work that is so fresh and dynamic. Looking forward to seeing what is to come.

    • May 12, 2017 by Pierrick Senelaer

      Thanks for the kind words

  2. March 01, 2019 by Pierrick

    This is still now my favourite piece. I can loose myself perched on the rock facing east. It looks cold but what I am feeling right now is warmth of simplicity. I am all over the place, I am rounding but CUBE brings me back in, his light shadow helps me seeing its best side, the number 1 dot, that straight yet assertive one, dot,

    The dot feels like the Ace of Spade. One. Often perceived as the start of things. One. Ten becomes one often, 10 knows it may have to be or be strong and convince himself, 0 had to go. 0 has always been the 0 you look up, no the 0 you just don’t know how he or she does it but pause for a minute and you’re like – I just think I have found genuity energy that’s it.

    You know that moment or that person who you think you are close to match it. Match his or her way of swinging it like a 6 year old brat that turns what should get a gasp of ‘when the fun stops, stop’ satisfying get a feeling that Love must be that thing that no one or nothing can beat.

    Whatever happens, there is a quite spread consensus that we might have to dig dip, love will turn up. That Ai character manages to dupe Will Smith but winked like winking as small manoeuvre it may seem, unless you have got awareness, why would you frown an eye, knowing that above all frowning is a good shot.

    Face, what you look like, hair for men etc turns out to be pretty much all what you need. If you had no choice, you’d cope some how to only have your best mate (or someone you care, a mate) as a trunk man, but mostly your mates head with a bit of shoulders and after a while I bet you’d feel strangely okay about this new approach of friendship.

    After all that AI guy saved Sigourney from the Mother or The Aliens.Did you know, and thank you to have made this a reality, that against Predators, The Aliens are just too good.

    Remember, cover yourself with mud and The Predator can’t see you. The Alien can’t do that. What a milestone in cinema that time where Sigourney goes through hell to eventually get ripped apart with this slug, why a slug and not a phoenix for example.

    How about this?

    I am watching this documentary about Peggy Gungenheim. The sixties, not so long ago and there she is, some sort of patron looking to pick any good artists in New York.

    I cannot think of such a passion here in the UK, I am trying to think who is a patron right now in London? All I can remember is these art shows by Steve Lazarides in Central London and this ambient rumour that Steve knows Banksy, Steve may be Banksy.

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