The colour palette, a hard thing to master

Here is the colour palette and its final creative output “David v Goliath”, part of the CUBE series Spray paint on wooden board (well a shelf found outside the studio) Colour palette is something I need to give more thoughts perhaps but for now, I am more focused on the composition in my work.
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The ‘feeling good’ vibe when you start on a new piece

Always a good day in the studio when you start a new piece. This one is to enter an art contest. More on that later. See the finished piece.
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Mountains, my first sprayed painted piece

Done. It took me weeks but this is my first “painting” done in the studio. I learned a great deal on how to use these mighty Montana spray cans. Must buy and wear a mask though. Now, does anyone know a company who can take a good and high res picture of that dude as well as make a prints of it? The dimensions are roughly 130 x 80 cm.
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