Regal Homes Artist Call

This is it. Here is my entry for the Regal Homes / Arts for All Artist Call

This was the brief –

London developer Regal Homes are working with Arts for All to find a new, unique 2D piece of Art that will be placed in the heart of a new mixed use development on Hackney Road, East London. They are keen to find work that reflects the creative nature of the area.

The theme is ‘Regeneration‘.

My statement about the piece –

I happened to be working on a series called CUBE and when I read about the contest, I immediately thought the White CUBE at the center of this series fit the brief perfectly.

The CUBE series is the attempt of using the white cube as a catalyst for wellbeing. It is there to calm the atmosphere, as well as contrasting with the ‘un-square’ world.

The CUBE in this picture is the gentle driving force, the Regeneration catalyst for Hackney Road and its surroundings.

The old and crumbling buildings on Hackney Road are fading away to leave place to new developments, and the vulture who once thought the neighbourhood was his, watches powerlessly as the area rises again.

The dotted pattern and linear elements of very different colours symbolise the diversity of the people living around Hackney Road.

  1. May 07, 2017 by Celine Z


    F√©licitations pour tes toiles, c’est super!
    J’aime beaucoup.

    • May 07, 2017 by Pierrick Senelaer

      Merci Celine, ca fait plaisir!

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